Come play at Saint-Nazaire (44, France) : we launch a Journeyman League ! 🇫🇷

Hi there / Bonjour à tous !

We will be hosting a Journeyman League in Saint-Nazaire, near by Nantes, in France.

We hope that it will help grow the community here :zap:

How to join : simple, send me a PM here :wink: or add me on Discord. Blitzirk#0944

More informations :

  • Journeyman League : we will run all the scenarios from the Warmachine app, with twist to allow people play Legacy mini if they want.
  • We will help people by making lists if needed. We can also share mini to try before buying an all-in :smiley:
  • Journeyman League will start the 1st of July at 2:00 PM and will run for 5 weeks. You can play mostly wednesday at 6PM or saturday at 2:00 PM.
  • Where ? In a place called “Halles Méan Penhoët” in Saint-Nazaire (44 - France).

Come join us :slight_smile:


I’m so sad I live so far away. I live in Lyon, and I am desperate to find someone who I can play with. I hope that you journeyman league goes well, and in case you know of any community near Lyon, please remember me and share any information.
Merci beaucoup
Diogo Serranito

Hey ! You should join our french Discord : Battle-Group
We run some events online (75 pts mostly) and it’s the best place to find someone for a game :slight_smile:
I know some people are at Besançon and Dijon, maybe they know players in Lyon, they play since mk1 ^^
See you soon in Discord :slight_smile: