Central PA Clash 2023 5/27/23

D-ville Wards presents the Central PA Clash 2023! Our escalation to Total War is brought to a fruition! This event is a 100 pt Total War, with a two list steamroller format in the unlimited arena. Each round opponents will be a able to decide to take between 0-3 free huge based models! This excludes huge based warcaster/warlocks seeing as they have no point cost. List may include huge based models that are not free of point cost. First Place prize is the choice of a MrkIV Khador battle group, or a Dusk battle group. The other battle group will be raffled off to the other participants of the event. There will be additional prize support and a prize for best painted huge based model played. This event will have a $10 entry fee and a player cap of 32, so please message me so I can save your spot. If you have any questions feel free to ask! To sign up just message.

City: Altoona, Pennsylvania
Venu: Snake Eyes Gaming LLC Start Time: 12:00 pm Link below Facebook - log in or sign up