Bunkers! With Graffiti!

I picked up two bunkers for the Bunker Busters scenario, and had an idea - what if bunkers had been lost and retaken over and over by different sides. Soldiers being soldiers, in all times and all universes, they’d have left a lot of graffiti.
Painting these was an absolute pain with a fine brush and a lot of sweating, but I’m pleased with the results.

Here’s the backside of bunker #2. Since the front has some non-PP fictional languages, it’s not allowed, but you can see the tic-tac-toe board on the roof, and some text in Menite.

Here’s bunker #1, featuring messages in Khadoran and Menite, and memes old and less-old. Let’s see how many people recognize both…


Great idea! I’d do some chipping on some of the grafitti as well (use a sponge with very small amounts of the background color to create an illusion of paint wearing off) to make it look like it was fought over when the bunker changed hands :slight_smile:


That’s a really fun idea there.

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Great idea, but I’d spent so much sweat on getting the graffiti painted, I didn’t have the heart to damage it (I especially didn’t want to make the jokes illegible)

That’s a great idea, love how it came out.

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