Painted up terrain for Warcaster

I made this terrain last summer out of electric boxes, pvc pipe, & a little foam & cardboard.

All the terrain I’d made before these were made with cardboard & foam for Warmachine. I’ve gotten comfortable making that kind of terrain with lots of little textures & details that make painting it up fairly straightforward. These sci-fi buildings have a lot of smooth areas that don’t lend themselves to painting up with drybrushing, washes, etc to take advantage of textures.

They had just been primed up with a few areas painted with metallic paints, but since I want to start adding Warcaster video batreps to my channel, I wanted to give them a proper paint job. I painted the rectangular building blue, sponged on some yellow ochre to try to get some kind of visual interest, & then painted over that with a thin reddish-brown leaving some of the sponged texture showing.

For the round building, I tried to add some visual interest by going with an extreme contrast between the main color and the edge highlights. I mixed up 1 part burgundy with 2 parts coal black for the base coat. I followed that up with an edge highlight of pure burgundy & finally a thinner edge highlight of burgundy & bold titanium white mixed 1:1.

The metallics were painted with P3 paints: rhulic gold, solid gold, quick silver, & cold steel.


Electric boxes and plastic computer case parts are the best for making durable but lightweight scifi buildings.


Looks great! I need to work on getting some more terrain together. My FLGS has a lot of good terrain, but I would like to get some for home game too.

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