Bisom autocannon error

Hi! There’s totally an error in the Bison’s card. It has Autocannon x2 with both barrels BUT both barrels’s language is spexifically worded as “This model cannot make an additional attack with THIS weapon”. Emphasis mine. Currently RAW this means you shoot with one autocannon, both barrels then shoot with the other autocannon and both barrels. I think the autocannon is meant to have ROF 2 like the shotgun shock troopers.

Except that both barrels is a special attack.


You can’t do that. :slight_smile:


When you make your combat action, you get to choose either “make initials” or “make a special attack”. You can’t do both because these choices are mutually exclusive. :slight_smile:


Ohhhh thank you! I didn’t realize it was a star action! I get it now. I’m new to warmachine so i was pretty confused when I saw it not have ROF2 like the shotgun troopers. I know this isn’t the topic of the question but… why have it be two seperate auto cannons then? I figure there are rules that may interact with just one weapon but I’m not aware of them and I want to make sure I play it right!

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No worries; I’m glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Some models have multiples of the same weapon, like the Bison’s “x2” on the Auto Cannon, and some models have weapons that can shoot twice.

I’m not a designer, but generally I think the delineation between the two is that models get the “x2” when it’s really obvious they’re carrying two guns, or swords, or axes, or whatever, whereas models get rules like Reload or ROF 2 when they only have one physical ranged weapon on the model, but that weapon happens to be double-barreled or something like that. (Or, melee models with just one physical sword might have Rapid Strike so they can make two attacks.)

Also, generally only models that can spend focus, fury, or be forced get rules like Reload; everybody else will either get the “x2” weapon or some other rule that lets them shoot twice or make another attack. :slight_smile:

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Thats actually really cool! I like when rules are flavorful! Like as far as i can tell in WK it wouldn’t reqlly make a difference if it was ROF 2 or x2 of the same weapon BUT it is awesome that they chose to make it x2 despite that bc it is literally two separate weapons!