Avatar of Menoth-Can that count as my 1 cohort model?

Hi all! I’m looking for a ruling on something and didn’t find it when I searched I didn’t see it. Perhaps someone can let me know.

When creating a force I went to choose the Avatar of Menoth, but I hadn’t chosen a caster yet so it wouldn’t let me choose. After I chose a caster I was able to select it.

Now it says on the card it can’t be part of a Battlegroup. Does that mean I have to choose a different ‘jack? Or does he count as my minimum of 1 Jack for the purposes of 1 Jack minimum being part of my force?

Thank you all for your help!

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The rule is that your Leader’s battlegroup must contain at least one cohort model. Because Avatar of Menoth is not in your Leaders battlegroup it will not fulfill the requirement.