App Authentication Issue/Questions

The app requires authentication everytime I login. This means the tablet I purchased to play and read the lore for this game with useless sometimes. I do not have data on the tablet and do not always have internet access, so in those situations I can’t use the app because of the failed login requirement it now needs as of 1.2.x.x from last weeks update.

Is there a way around this that I am not seeing? I did app feedback and they continue to tell me I don’t need the internet to use it, but that’s not the case as far as I can tell.

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Yeah, it’s rough. I don’t see how the authentication and requiring accounts helps security here at all.


Valid credentials are likely required to authenticate to the data store and download something, thus preventing an unauthorized user from grabbing a test data set or decrypting a data set already loaded to the app.

Pure assumption, but I’d bet that is the general shape of it. :slight_smile:

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It’s super bad because that means I you can’t play Warmachine without an active Internet connection.
Hopefully it’s fixed soon!

I don’t mind if the app checks the account information before downloading new content, because I will need Internet connection for the download nevertheless.


You should be fine once you authenticate. Just keep the app open. :slight_smile:

(I suspect the impact of “need an active internet connection” is exceptionally small. I suspect the cross-section of players who don’t have cellular data enabled, and aren’t at a store with Wi-fi, is minimal.)

That doesn’t help if you close it accidentally, it crashes, or any number of other situations.


Normally I am the person who seeks out the edge cases and failure points and raises warnings about them.

But really: I honestly can’t think of anyone I’ve met in the past 10 years (besides, like, a literal child on a beat-up old iPhone used to play Pokémon GO piggybacking on her dad’s hotspot) without cell service, or a game store without free wi-fi.

Yes, yes, United States experience, sure. But this technology is ubiquitous in all but the most extreme edge cases.

I guess if you’re trying to play in Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska in a thunderstorm during a power outage, and you just rebooted your phone, well then…you’re out of luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

My biggest concern, is what am I supposed to do on airplanes now? Thats where i build my best lists! Not to mention cataching up on all the lore.


It was already mentioned (in the first post which apparently not all did read) that one problem is with a tablet without internet connection. I also have a tablet like that even though I have mobile internet with my phone. Having to share the internet is possible most of the time but annoying still. And then there’s the very frequent case mentioned also already: airplanes.

I notice that the app closes itself quite frequently so relying to keeping it always open is definitely not an option. Actually the app has closed itself several times even during games I play after I quickly jump out to check a whatsapp message or something else. It also crashes from time to time requiring a reboot.


I read it, but there are two obvious solutions in this case:

  1. Hotspot from a phone or other relevant device. Sure, it might be annoying or cumbersome, but this is going to be a, what, once a day event, once or twice a week?

  2. Print your cards once that functionality is available.

I appreciate the OP’s issue, but again, like I suggested in other words: perspective. This is almost never going to be a problem for the overwhelming majority of players.

If you want to complain, take it up with the people who leaked test data. They peed in the pool and ruined it for everyone. :smiley:

(And, re: airplanes. Oh, come on. Who is spending that much time on an airplane? And really, how many people have you seen who actually shut down their phones during takeoff? I’ve seen people glued to their phones while the flight attendant is standing next to them giving the “no phones” safety speech. :stuck_out_tongue: Next we’ll hear about those unfortunate U.S. government civilian employees who now can no longer build lists while in the SCIF rooms. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I can definitely see where this is a pain point for the app and it’s good to bring it to PP’s attention. I would recommend using the address to send in your thoughts so that they can be organized and discussed by the team.

Friendly reminder that just because folks have different opinions about how big of a problem this is doesn’t make anyone’s opinion wrong and it doesn’t make it wrong for them to share this feedback.


I am a rule follower first and foremost
( but, for real, just login with wifi then go into airplane mode and dont close the app)

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The app crashes every time it goes to background on my device so that is no option for me.
Printing cards is yet to come (like many month ago…).

And just because you have access to the internet every time this is not the case for everyone in the world neither do I think this is corner case.

I already reported it to PP and hope that many do so too, so that it will be fixed soon.

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Everyday, since I like to try and read some of the lore while on my breaks at work, which I have no wifi that I can connect to.


Got already a response to my ticket:

That is an unintended bug. It will be fixed next release which won’t take too long here.

Thanks a lot PP! :heart:


I have been to many large events which don’t have free WiFi for everyone. My local gamestore doesn’t hand out the WiFi to people regularly too.
In the end, it should not be the players responsibility to finagle the app into working properly.

Okay everyone, we have a response from PP confirming that this is a bug and not intended functionality. There is nothing to be gained by continuing to debate whether the feature that is actually a bug would be a good feature or not.


Game stores with public wifi are not a ubiquitous feature. In Finland, the country with the most mobile devices per capita, has only a very small handful of game stores with gaming tables. Local gaming clubs or public premises are much more common gaming environments.

Also, it’s not uncommon in Europe to use prepaid mobile subscriptions that have only limited data quotas.

So, even though it was established that this time this was a bug, it’s worth noting for future app development that freely available internet is not (yet) everywhere.


The fix for this should now be available so I’m going to lock the topic since there isn’t anything more to discuss. If you find any other bugs please create a new topic.

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