Worldwide Rankings

Has there been any effort or interest on PP’s part to implement a worldwide rankings?

Given that Warmachine is arguably one of the best competitive miniature war games, it seems odd that there is no standardized player rankings. the Flesh and Blood card game has found great success in a fresh and vibrant tournament scene that tracks player rankings from week to week. Even a card game with a small player base like Vampire: the Eternal Struggle maintains player rankings.

Rankings encourage regular play and inspires competition. The WMH community by my reckoning is one of the more competitive communities. A ranking system would be a great way to bring the community together.

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There has been talk of it happening everynow and then, but there hasn’t been any one system used for tracking tournament results, similar to Best Coast Pairings for Warhammer. Anything that we would see happen would need to be player driven, rather than something that PP would do. PP hasn’t shown any interest in this in the past, and with their smaller staff and tools now, its probably less likely.

I think this was accurate certainly through mk3, but it seems to me they are looking to be less focused on competitive play and more focused on an all-comers approach to the game. At least, this is my perception of where they seem to want to go

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Back in mk2, there were a few different countries that had rankings, Australia and England.

While this promoted a solid competitive scene, it also promoted behaviours in players that is not something that was healthy or sustainable.

When a game has a huge community like WMh mk2 did, it can handle having that narrow band of highly competitive players.

But that group will dwindle and be unsustainable without the players that a ranking system usually is a large detractor for.

For those who chase these things, I would suggest an invitational style series rankings where if you’re not trying to qualify for something big, you can still have fun at the events.

I speak to this as a person who has been around for most of the game as well as being a hard-core Spike.

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Longshanks does.
Of course, taking into account only tournments organized on longshanks, so encouraging this platform to be used can be a great way to have those rankings for whoever wants to look at it.

May be wtc organization could consider to use it?
Rheincon did and personally I found it very useful to manage rounds (rankings are just a nice add on)

WTC had the best result software in use for many years. Displaying all the pairings and casters played was nice. Sadly last year that was not used anymore and the one they used was much weaker. I think Longshanks doesn’t show casters played or how the game was ended so it isn’t very ideal either.

Yep, that would be cool. Infinity has one and this is one more reason the game is so popular. I have an experience of building ranking site for our local community, which works for 5 years already. And I can say it is definitely could be done with such small resources as Lane (app developer) and me (app designer). It depends only on the Matt’s decision.

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I am sort of in the middle here. Longshanks does have the software for this, but is of course dependent on player entry. A well functioning ranking and event list is also a lot of fun for mining lists and results if they are included. Gigantor also has the right of it - it absolutely can (and does, in all systems that use it) some bad behaviour. This can and should however be handled by the community, organizers and potentially the company whenever it pops up at their own events. I am not sure I would blame this kind of behaviour on the existence of ranking lists, though. The people who behave badly also behave badly in other games, and I have seen it negatively impact their communities as well.

An open system, i.e. longshanks, is probably the best, though. You can choose to organize an event as ranked or unranked there (which means every event won’t be as IMPORTANT to the people who obsess over rankings , and TBH it is a vastly superior software in the user friendliness department. Use Longshanks. And please play Convergence in the system. In no way, shape or form do I deserve being the top CoC player there :wink: