Warfaire Weekend 2023 Badges are live!

Badges are live! We have a plethora of Privateer Press games this year. You can check out the schedule at Schedule and badges can be purchased here Badge Purchases

Riot Quest, Monsterpocalypse, Warcaster and Warmachine Open tables all weekend!

Warmachine LCQ
Warmachine 175 point Survivor Series
Warmachine Scrambles all weekend
Riot Quest Championship
Warcaster Championship
Monsterpocalype Championship
Colossal Wrestling
Warmachine Narrative Event ran by Loren Lower
Warmachine Unlimited Tournament
Warmachine 3 person team event
Warmachine 2 Headed Giant

See you there!

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Edited: apparently, I have a severe lack of reading comprehension. Never mind. :slight_smile: