Crucible Orlando + Quest Con - IG Qualifier and second Steamroller

Crucible originally began in Florida as a Warmachine event when things were truly bussin as the kids say. Now, there are tons of different games and events to take part in. This year, I’ve requested to host the warmachine happenings at the event!

Additional information can be found if you search Crucible Orlando(Limited to 2 links sorry!). The location is awesome, visit the City Walk at Universal, or hang out and play various games at the event. Also, DoubleTrees have really good cookies at the front desk.

DoubleTree by Hilton at the entrance of Universal Orlando

5780 Major Blvd.,
Orlando, FL 32819

Crucible runs for three days, September 29, 30 and October 1st. The main Iron Gauntlet Qualifier will be run September 30th, starting as close as possible to 10am! Event listed below. We have space for 24 players, lets try and fill that out! Event will have prizes and the points for IG will qualify for this year, 2023! If you want some last minute points to qualify, now’s your chance.

The IG event will be 100 points, prime mk4. If you reach out to me and would like to play, but don’t have any army I can provide one so everyone gets a chance to play!

Crucible Iron Gauntlet Qualifier

We will be using Best Coast Pairings for the event as well, I am restricted to just two links but can provide it when we get closer to the event.

Friday and Sunday will be casual scrambles and random events such as spell draft, who’s the boss etc. Sunday event I’m still awaiting official approval for it to show up on the site, but if you’re at Crucible come by either way, no need to sign up for these really.

Friday Casual Play

Hope to see you all there, stop by and say hi to myself, Brandon, or Shaun from WarJax, possibly even Craig and we’ll give you some WarJax dice for saying hi!

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We will be running another steamroller sunday! Also, with thanks to Privateer Press and WarJax Games Club will have cool prizes for the event. Lots of new in box warmachine models including the new Magnus and Invictus Kit, sets of defenses, other new MK4 items as well as a lot of legacy additions!

Sunday Steamroller MK4 100 Points