Walsall Warmasters - Team Event!

It has been too long since the last team tournament in the UK!

We are running a 3 round, 5 man team tournament using a slightly altered version of the WTC format (more details to follow) on SATURDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2023 AT 09:00

The starting amount of teams will be 4, with the potential to grow that, if number are sufficient for an even amount of teams.

In the unlikely event that 4 teams are not filled, the event will default into a steamroller.

Format will depend on how many teams are in attendance.

Ticket cost: £100 per team - This entitles each team member a soft drink a meal from the amazing Asgard Kitchen and your tournament entry.

Payment to be paid via Paypal to payments@warmasters.uk (this may say your paying me, but that is just because I am treasurer). Please attach your team name and the 5 members of your team to your Paypal payment.

If you would like to attend, but don’t have a team, I shall keep a list of “Mercenaries” in the discussion tab of the event.

Event pack to follow.

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