Rogue Skirmish: random scenario generator

I have been thinking about a community made skirmish scenario set for skirmish games: to give a range of fun and balanced scenarios. Most warcaster scenarios are distinguished by the rules on objectives: so why not just randomise their effects and positions?

Below is a very rough draft of how the rule set could work. It collects a set of interesting layouts, objectives, and additional missions (basically random secondary objectives), and rules to randomise each on sequence.

Goal is for each game to feel unique, with alternate rules to keep people on their toes. As a side bonus, I’d like to have enough scenarios alternating between warriors only scoring and warjack / vehicle scoring to tip the balance a bit more towards warriors.

I would love any feedback on the concept, and anyone who has ideas. I want this to be a true community effort, and only finish if people see value in it.

Questions to guide feedback

  1. Do you think the game needs new skirmish scenarios for competition play?
  2. Does a fan made randomised approach like this make sense?
  3. Do you think the example approach will encourage enough diversity in strategy and lists?
    4)Are the mission cards necessary? Do they add flair and extra strategy, or are they overwhelming?
  4. Noting the cards are examples so far, and need more development, but any feedback or ideas for them? Do they seem ‘balanced’ and interesting?

1: I could see this in competitive Skirmish, I wonder if the different maps will dramatically change the balance of the.

  1. It makes sense but I think it might need to be expanded for more variety.

  2. It’s hard to say, there is definitely a meta among factions so I don’t know how much this will change that.

  3. I think you would need to do some test games, but the simplistic approach leads me to believe that this would work just fine. The VP does give me an idea about changing scoring rules…maybe I should make a post about that.

Call to arms - if you love the idea of Rogue Skirmish concept, let me know. Looking for a small group to finish development with.

So got so e good feedback on other platforms, and a really thoughtful comment on the blog itself. I intend to finish development and anyone who wishes is welcome to join for the ride.

If anyone wants to read the feedback comment, hit the link above to Arcane Synthesis. The main things I am now considering are abolishing ‘missions’ and extending the board size to 36x36.

Looking for any feedback on these decisions or others

  1. I’ve proposed ‘missions’ as additional goals other than the objectives and to give more variation between games. Do you think they are necessary, or better off without them?
  2. do you think the game is better at 36" instead of 30" boards?
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I like the idea of hidden agenda, i also added some feed back to it.

I like extending the map to 36 in but it primary to keep tiles in 12in increments. No sure how it will impact game play.

I will check it out. I love the idea of taking a game like Warcaster and adding different modes like a Quest Mode or a Player vs. Logic Tree Encounter mode. Warbuggies scenarios were lit in that respect.


Hmmm, 1 player quest mode vs an ‘Ai’ could be an interesting take.
Thanks for thoughts, let me know what you think on Rogue Scenario generator once you have a cgance

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