Pirates, Pygs & Plunder

In an unremarkable port, somewhere on the coast of the Meredius. In the dimly lit back of the tavern, an odd man can be found. Hunched over small figurines and pots of paint. Blabbering of pirates, cursing trolls and complaining about the pain in his fingers. Don‘t go near him for he carries the Black Spot. You don‘t want to be associated with him.

After giving my Northkin a proud last hurrah at WTC2023, I went all in on Brinebloods with the intent to have at least 2 competitive Lists painted for the first big german event of 2024.
What can I say, the event starts next Friday, all models are painted and as soon as the basing is sufficiently dry, I‘ll take a picture to post them here…
53 models, and 27 warbeast options. In the last weeks, I might have given myself a mild tenosynovitis…
Too many details! Bloody barnacles!
There is still a lot to paint, but that can wait a few weeks now…


Looks great! The colors really work well together.

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Thanks :smile:

Used the evening to take a group picture of everything and the just finished Battle Brig.


Would you mind describing more about your basing for the brig? Is that flowing white capped water?

I‘m trying to go for a waves/surf look here like the army is just wading to shore.
I‘m using Vallejo Diorama FX Water Texture and after that has dried I top it with some AK Water Foam. Sadly, it takes long to completly dry and get clear, when you put on a lot in one go. And for the Brig, I put on a LOT :wink:

I’ve been meaning to get some AK Water foam for a sort of anniversary project of mine. From promo pictures etc. it looks like what I need. Is it easy to use?

Yes. The Water Texture is just a gel that I put on with a stirring stick or toothpick. It can be modelled on the base and stays in shape.
The foam is less stable and does not dry translucent. It can be put on top with an old brush or a toothpick after the water gel is sufficiently dry (takes about 12-24h)

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I’m really digging the teal and pink on those deepborne dire trolls, well done!

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