Moldy Ochre highlight

Need help figuring out the right highlight. Looking for edge highlighting off of the ochre color. What is the best highlight? Morrow white? Cygnus yellow?

The highlight color is Menoth White Base. Here is the Base/Shade/Highlight paint guide for most of the P3 range.


I’ve been trying to get sulphuric yellow, but can’t seem to get that one. But yeah, okay, morrow for the intense highlight.

It depends on what kind of effect you want. I quite like Sickly Skin for highlighting Moldy Ochre - it has a very subtle greenish hue, so you end up with a slightly paler result. If you want a warmer yellow, Menoth White highlight is fine.

These were painted with Moldy Ochre highlighted with Sickly Skin, if you want an example of what I mean. (The shading was done in layers of turquoise and purple, don’t remember exactly which paints.)