Into the Deep Wild KS - need Privateer's IOSS for customs

My Kickstarter set is stuck in customs in the EU. I’d need PP’s IOSS number to clear it, but the customs service gives an error message saying that the IOSS number is wrong or expired. Help requested ASAP because the carrier (DHL) charges for storage per day.

As a long-time Minicrate customer, I had saved the IOSS number on my desktop for quick reference, and it matches the one in DHL’s shipping information. So, it’s likely that I’ll be needing the updated IOSS number again as soon as the next Minicrate arrives.

Considering that I paid VAT in the pledge Manager phase, I’d rather not pay it again.

Thanks for help in advance!

Have you contacted It’s been a holiday so they might be backlogged but that would be the most reliable way to get an official answer.

Email Charles about this at He’ll be able to help you out.

Sherry and Charles came through (they always do!), and the situation is now happily resolved.