Fire tongue warriors- small or medium based units?

If you haven’t seen the rest of the brinebloods firertongue warrior cadre, check here:

So the Bullcroaks are described as being larger and stronger than the average Croak (though perhaps not as beefy as trollkin). The art has them looking pretty big, as well. I’m not sure if this means that we’re looking at a medium based warrior and shaman unit, (though nothing as big as the brinebloods quartermaster or surgeon, perhaps), or a small based unit with larger than average Croaks. What do you think?

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The solicitation has them as 3-man units and 5-man units. That probably means the 3-man units are medium-based models, and the 5-man units are small-based.

Just my guess, though.

"Warmachine: MKIV - Southern Kriels - Fire Tongue Warriors


  • Warchief Bagadibawm (warcaster) - A powerful Bullcroak who dances through battle like a cyclone of magical fire.
  • Vorogger (heavy warjack) - A heavy warbeast favored by Bullcroak warlocks for its fiery nature.
  • Spirit Shaman (3-model unit) - A mystical support unit to bolster their allies
  • Fire Spitters (5-model unit) - a unit of fire-flinging warriors.
  • Ward Stones (3 solos) - Ancient ancestral pillars that protect and enchant
  • Fugue Walker (solo) - A relentless warrior that uses natural toxins to provoke a berserker state.
  • Mawga’Bawza (character solo) - A Bullcroak sorceress who supports her allies with magic and alchemy. "

true, but brinebloods did things differently than normal and they are part of that force.

also, i was thinking about it, and if the fire spitters were medium based, it would complete the champions/sluggers/wardens trinity from the original trollkin (with variations, of course)

champions -marauder crew with bosun
sluggers- marauder crew with quartermaster
wardens- fire spitters (i think they might be around arm 15 with shields, up to 17 with a possible shield wall)

also, from what i’ve seen, the firetongue cadre is going to cost a little more than the usual cadre ($130) so it might have larger models in it than normal, again, just a guess, but it seems possible

firetongue cadre is up- mostly small based models with advance deploy and pathfinder!

vorogger is my favorite unit out of the cadre- i’d take one in almost any list over a light if i had a few extra points.

Bagadibawm doesn’t light my fire very much, i guess you could say- he mostly only works well with other things in his cadre, but that’s ok- we have a lot of other great warlocks!

Fugue walkers and fire spitters are decent , but sort of expensive

The fire guardians are pretty cool for one point , another stackable buff is always good

I was thinking this initially too but someone pointed out in a Discord chat that the Battle Brig and Stormjaw both have fire type attacks too

to each their own, but it’s just odd to me that he doesn’t even have a way to give a unit or model fire based attacks.

Bagadibawm looks like a super solo to me. He can make, what…16 attacks at base POW 13? :slight_smile:

yes, probably our best combat caster…

his feat still makes me wonder if the other southern kriels army is more bullcroaks. It only really effects those units, so it’s either sort of ok, or pretty good, depending on what the next kriels army is

I’m ok if it’s more trolls. but i think my wallet would be more sad if it was bullcroaks

He casts Fire Fists for free from the Vrogger, Moriarty casts Fury’s Strength on him and the Booty Boss Stirs his Blood for 1 POW 19 attack and 51641984153519 POW 17 attacks, 12" initial threat range counting Fire Step

Seems aight :smiley:

I didn’t want to completely spell it out, but yeah, even with just the Vorogger animus, he’s at a very respectable POW 15. :slight_smile:

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so how about the rest of the cadre? what do you all think about it?

personally the vorogger is my favorite out of it, I wonder how durable he’ll be with Ragemonger and fortify up?

First impressions:
Love the Vrogger, great addition without stepping on the other beasts’ toes. Definitely have their place with Rangemonger, Bagadibawn and I think Shadowtongue can also use them well
I do wish they’d have a few more hp. Would have expected 27-29 hp

Fire Guardians very good 1pt filler, very much needed magical weapons

The Warchief: I’m not 100% sure what his gameplan entails or if it will work well enough, but I do like threatening my opponents’ heavies with him and being potentially safe-ish afterwards. Will have to give him a whirl

Shamans: good support unit enabling stealth on a few units/models. I love the fact that they’re POW 14 blessed/magical as well - punch for the late game!

Mawga’Bawza: love love love this model (visuals) and I do like her with beast-heavy builds. I think Firequill, Shadowtongue and Ragemonger won’t leave home without her. Enliven also makes the Anchor + Speakback a lot more interesting since you can move in and wack them with a POW 19 if you can’t get away

Firespitters: seem expensive at first glance, until I remember I don’t really leave home without attachments for the Marauders.
I haven’t completely made up my mind about them yet, will have to try them out before I commit to judgment.
Prey seems good, but it’s not a very easy rule to use 100% efficiently at all times I feel. Though that has gotten better with the changes to units in MKIV

Fugue Walker: Boomhowler will love them, but I’m not sure where else I would include them as points get tight. Love the flavour on them though

All in all I love the cadre rules and how most of the models look. Honestly though I had expected Mawga to be the warlock and the Warchief to be a combat solo with something like leadership or veteran leader, at least purely from the visual language