FallsConquest 2024 Steamroller IG Qualifier Tournament

Hi everyone! We are hosting a 16-player Steamroller 2024 event at FallsCon 2024. This event is located in Wichita Falls, TX at the Wichita Falls Multi-Purpose Event Center on Sunday, April 7th at 10:00AM. This is a 75-point, 2nd list optional event. For more details, you can view the events page at fallscon.net!

Looking forward to seeing some of our North Texas group there!

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Good luck with your event!

(And, did you mean “10 AM” instead of “PM”?)

Thanks Michael and good catch, I have edited that for future viewers!

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Getting these Brinebloods some color before the storm Fallscon 24

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Looking good there Nightjester, look forward to seeing you there!