Enchanted Grounds New Year Brawl!

This is going to be a super fun narrative event to close out the year! Our local Iron Kingdoms Writer has graciously accepted to write up a (unofficial) narrative day based around three separate Battle Forge Scenarios. Join us for the day as either an Invader or Defender of the Iron Kingdoms to see which side will win the day!

Where: Enchanted Grounds - Littleton, Colorado, USA
When: Dec 30th 9:30
Who: 16 player cap ($10) for the day (may go to 24 if needed)
What: Three rounds all at 75 points

Why are they all at 75 points and not 100?
Glad you asked! Character deaths are permanent! For each player, if you lose a character model, it’s gone the rest of the day. Magnus or Invictus dies? Bye bye 20 points. Your Prisoner fell in battle? Sorry, She was the only one. Caster got assassinated? Hope you got another one ready.

Because of that, between each round, you’ll have time to draft up your next list based on the out come of the prior round. No list selection. Build it and GO!
Each round will affect the next so do what you can to help your team!

As of writing this, we already have 11 signed up and 5 maybes.
Come join us in Discord to sign up!

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