Drawing LOS to a template

Quick question regarding how to draw Line of Sight (LOS) to a template.:

  1. Does a template have volume?
  2. If the template does not have volume, and is 2D, then:
    2a. Do you draw LOS from model volume to a point within the template?
    2b. Is it then impossible to draw LOS to a template that is on elevation higher than the model’s volume?
    2c. Do obstacles and scatter terrain (like a 4" long, 1/4" tall obstacle) block LOS to the 2D template, so that a model standing behind a wall couldn’t draw LOS to the template?

Relevant to Ground Pounder (place a 3 inch template anywhere completely within this weapons RND in this model’s LOS).

The template is only restricted by range and LOS, which you can draw to any part of the template. So your restrictions are only to place a template in range to a place that you can see from your volume. With elevation it gets tricky if you cannot see up over a wall. The trick to it is not that you can see the template to place it, its that you can draw LOS to the place that you can place the template, if that makes sense. So LOS to the place, not the template. Once you get that down, you place the template touching that point and completely in your range (including elevation). As far as volume goes I’m not sure although it does make sense to have no volume, as you are only going to hit whatever is in the same plane as the attack, otherwise one ground pounder could theoretically kill 10 models in a guard tower trivially if two units are parked inside. Interested to see the proper responses.

I hadn’t even considered dropping a Ground Pounder on a Tower or Bunker yet.

you are only going to hit whatever is in the same plane as the attack

This might be problematic. Imagine a stair-stepped piece of terrain. The template is placed on the top tier, but because a model is on the bottom tier, it doesn’t get affected? It’s not considered within the template? I might have to revisit what I posted on the old rules forums regarding elevation and determining what is “within”.