Circle City Warmachine Community Meetup (Indianapolis, IN)

We are a group based in Indianapolis IN holding a community building event on April 20th and the Greenwood Game Preserve.

We will be starting at 11am and will around all day. We will have Demos available as well as open play. This is our first Mark IV community with many more Meetups and Steamroller events planned in the future.

Details can be found here: Redirecting...

Store Information:

DM me here or on Facebook with any questions.


Congrats on the event, and welcome to the neighborhood (more or less)! :slight_smile:

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I will be there with my Secret Dominion army for Circle Orboros. I will try to bring some more 3D terrain for the event.

Circle Orboros is on display at Demo Day at Games Preserve South. Kudos to Joel for organizing this.