Black tide season 2

Hi, I found the “war chest sheet” where you can track what you purchase with war chest points. But where can I find what these command cards do and mission advantages do? The season 2 doc states there will be an “advantage” button to add those and [campaign] command cards. When will these be added to the app

Also do warchest points from season 1 transfer to season 2 so you can spend them?

  1. My guess is theyll he made available when the kits are shipping to stores, which is “soon” [tm]. My store just got a shipping notification, but I didn’t ask what for.

  2. Doubt it. Gives new players joining a season late a disadvantage.

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I just came here to ask the same thing. I have a game on Wednesday and would have like to see the cards etc

Bumping up this thread. Are the Black Tide command cards and strategic advantages available yet? I cannot find them anywhere in the app. Am I looking in the wrong place?

I haven’t been continuing with my league regularly because this information doesn’t seem readily avaible and black tide season 3 is out

Yeah, we really could use this information to play in season 2

@MattWilson would there be any update on this? Maybe it could be part of a new “arena” when building lists?

Hoping to have this updated with the Season 2 update rolling out in a week a and half.

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I just want to keep this in attention because we can’t play season 2 properly and I still haven’t seen it.

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