Annihilators Cadre!

That Annihilators Cadre looks tasty!

Positive Charge in Khador! I never thought I’d see the day! :grin:

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Taytay is not exactly the nuButcher that Khador wants, but her defensive stats are higher than I expected and she can hand out a lot of damage buffing so I guess she’s not to be taken lightly.

Only having one battle plan feels weird, but I’ll take that over Desperate Pace being a * action. Her feat and spells are kinda basic but solid, and having her bases covered before dipping into the rack means you should have a lot of flexibility with your choice of rack spells.

As I understand it she can stack Positive Charge with Puissance or Superiority? That’s very nice, plus it plays nice with self-upkeeps like her Avenging Force.

In a way she might be the most “traditional” Khador caster in Mk4 yet? My first impression is that she’s a nice addition to the roster, though whether she actually turns out to be strong or weak I don’t know.

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My knee-jerk reaction is that the Wrecking Crew are fine? They feel a lot like MOW Shocktroopers but with fancy crit effects. That’s in a vacuum, I dunno what happens when buffs come into play.

Kroll could be really good. Two AOE guns, a drag gun, Grevious Wounds, and a whole bunch of special rules; he’s got quite a lot going on.

I cannot even imagine what kind of stuff we’re going to see people do with Kontrollers. There’s no stipulation about not being able to move a Defense more than once; I can see some silly stuff happening as people slingshot barriers across the table. I dunno how strong it will actually be, but it sounds like fun. Being able to chuck powder kegs is great; it’s nice to have a power attack option that doesn’t cost a warjack activation (and focus), especially a throw. And a straight-up freeze gun for 4 points? That’s actually kinda crazy.

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Elevator pitch version of my thoughts:

Yes, Puissance and Positive Charge stack. Hurrah for effective SPD 6 MoW with 2x MAT 9 P+S 18 initials on 10-box ARM 20 Steady Sturdy models!

It’s the best of the Shocktroopers and Demo Corps rolled into one!

And Medveditsa with Hand of Vengeance, Positive Charge, and Puissance…living the dream!

Puissance is single model though. So only one MOW model can be P+S 18 (or one from each unit if you juggle it I suppose).

Oh wow, I really misremembered that! :sweat_smile: But still, Positive Charge is there for those 16’s!

Also, I forgot to mention: huzzah! With Positive Charge, Korovnik has something really juicy to cast! :grin:

… on Invictus. Korovnik is a Mercenary and the spell is “friendly Faction cohort model”.

Mk4 is a little restrictive in some ways. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just saying.

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Hah. Forgot about that bit. I should not discuss rules stuff while juggling 14 other things. :sweat_smile:

Rules interactions take time to sink in. There’s been a lot of discussion of the new Cadre on Discord, a lot of it went over my head. Most people are quite excited, there’s a few who are not happy about the loss of Synergy and Energizer. Personally I like Positive Charge much more than Synergy.

That’s also part of the reason I avoid unofficial spoilers. People get all hyped up for something and, surprise, it changes during development, because it was…in development. :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent maybe 83 seconds looking at the new cadre stuff so far, so I haven’t given it the most thorough examination. Having never actually used Positive Charge before (because, as you recall, Khador … plus I didn’t have those casters in my Cygnar/Protectorate stuff that I sporadically used) I forgot the exact wording.

I should really get back to those 14 other things I should be doing instead of checking this forum today. :sweat_smile:

So reading these takes on the rules, first of all, I totally played this all wrong in my game last night…whoops. Also now that I know positive charge and Puissance stack, Krol is gonna murder people and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a lot of lists. The Wrecking Crew did ok, making tough saves makes them super annoying to deal with. I don’t think they’ll see much play without Kroll and Tatiana.

I’m hoping in my next proxy game to try out the Kontroller some, I think his freeze gun will be really fun to play with. Over I really like what I played with, I only wish I could have gotten the caster into melee with something to see what she can do.

The key thing to remeber is the caster can move with avenging forces, so threatens 13” which is pretty nice. She could charge in boost freeze crit ap attack, Then spend 6 more auto hitting attacks with the other weapon. Which is “ok”. Even if she just puts up PC, feats and camps some - I think she might be tanky enough to live.

Guess Korovnik will be able to cast Positive Charge on Kador jacks after all. That’s a big buff for Taytay, and increases her own damage potential as it solves order-of-activation issues as well as being great for focus efficiency.


I really like the annihilators cadre. They work well with Tatiana of course but also with valerii. Valerii’s kill order let them dish out damage really well, krol especially demolish an average heavy warjack with the kill order. The wrecking crew is large base, that means you can hid mortar teams behind them so they don’t get shot in turn 2, you can also hid your heavy warjacks behind them.
I’m excited for the annihilators cadre :slightly_smiling_face: .

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Wrecking Crew with unit-wide Puissance and Positive Charge!

That is all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, with the buffs you can stack on them they certainly live up to their name.

Yep, with the most recent update it seems Khador gets to live their dream. The Cadre seems both really cool and interesting, as well as people who can get some work done.