Annihilation Servitors POW 0

I want to check this before I get into trouble with my gaming partner…

Question: Is the Annihilation Servitor blade indeed intended to have “POW 0” instead of "POW - " (because it says POW 0 on the card right now).

And verification:
“POW 0” would mean the Annihilation Servitor could charge, roll 3d6 for attack against a warrior model (Murderous), automatically deal 1 point of damge per Puncture, roll 3d6 on the damage roll, with Dark Shroud, giving a good chance of killing a 5 hit box low armored warrior model.

"POW - " would mean the Annihilation Servitor blade “does not cause damage.” And the most it could do is 1 point of damage.

Yeah, your reasoning sounds valid. Not sure if that’s the intent or an error.

Puncture does not specify “instead of a normal damage roll” or anything like that, either. But POW - might imply that the Puncture causes no damage either.

You do not get a damage roll based on the example here.