Maulgreth, Korovnik, and Eilish (Hot Orgoth Summer)

Hey there, boys and girls! Wanna join the cool kids club? Tired of being a 98 pound weakling? Well then, just sell your souls to Hot Orgoth Summer like these boyos did! You’re not gonna need it where you’re going anyway!
First we have Maulgreth, the Charnel Plague! Undead and loving it! He might look skinny in body, but hes swole in soul! Don’t let those leg bones fool you, this OG Orgoth never skips leg day. So get running, before he adds your face to his cape!
Next we have Koldun Lord Damien Korovnik! This former Greylord came in from the cold, and now hes flexing it on the beaches this Hot Orgoth Summer! Those head scars show you can can hold on to his face too! You get it, ripped nagic grandpa!
And last but not least, we have Eilish Garrity, the Dark Traitor! But lets get real, traitor to who? Those loser getting sand kicked in their faces? Eilish lost his pesky soul but gained stonks in soul magic! That boy is making big moves and shows alot of promise.
So sell your souls, rock and roll, and be a real hero of the beach this Hot Orgoth Summer! This offer won’t last long!