Magic Stronghold Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika Summer Doubles Tournament

Introducing the first Magic Stronghold Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika doubles tournament in Vancouver, BC coming up July 21st! Each team will consist of two players, each bringing a 5/1 list (5 units, 1 free hero solo), all other list building restrictions apply and each player has their own cypher deck and special issue. This event will be run as a round robin format, with each team playing each other team once over three rounds.

Tickets available here (description says Skirmish but that will be changed soon):

Don’t forget to sign up on Longshanks as well:

**Doubles Format: ** Each team consists of two players, all models on the same team are considered friendly models, roll one d6 for the starting roll for each team, both players on each team deploy 5 DC of models at the start of the game at the same time. Players must deploy models out of their own gates, and players can only recall, pull arc from or charge models in their own force. Each pulse round, each team plays 4 turns per pulse round, with each player on that team playing two turns each, players cannot play two turns back to back on their team’s turns.


This event has been moved to July 21st!