Iron Kingdoms - Timeline and chronological fiction

Date Event Related Fiction
Iron Kingdoms Era
202 AR The Council of Ten ratifies the Corvis Treaties and defines the modern Iron Kingdoms.
211 AR Steam & Iron Workers Union is founded in Caspia.
c. 220 AR Cygnar and Ord begin building steam-powered riverboats.
233 AR Order of Illumination is founded in Caspia by Vigilant Magnus Severin Copernicum.
241 AR Magnus Bastion Rathleagh creates the first steamjack with the aid of the Steam & Iron Workers Union.
242 AR Trollkin uprising to reclaim lost lands leads to the First Trollkin War in Ord and Cygnar. Larkholm is pillaged and burned to the ground by Cryxian raiders.
243 AR Greylords Covenant forms in Korsk.
247 AR First Trollkin War ends as trollkin are beaten back to their warrens.
250 AR Khador invades Ord and Llael beginning the Colossal War.
257 AR Khador is defeated by a coalition of Ord, Llael, and Cygnar.
262 AR Second Trollkin War begins in Cygnar.
267 AR Second Trollkin War ends with King Woldred the Diligent traveling to Hadriel Fens for peace talks. First warjacks are built in Caspia.
277 AR Larkholm is rebuilt and renamed New Larkholm.
283 AR Cyriss is discovered by Adept Aldophous Aghamore, an astronomer of the Fraternal Order; Cult of Cyriss is founded shortly thereafter.
286 AR Colossal Guard formally disbands. King Woldred the Diligent drafts the Accord-By-Hand Covenant.
290 AR King Malagant the Grim begins persecution of Menite clergy in Cygnar and has over 200 priests hanged.
293 AR King Malagant the Grim names the Church of Morrow the offi cial religion of Cygnar. Khador begins border war with Cygnar. Khador recruits Tharn.
294 AR Khadoran Institute of Engineering is established in Korsk.
295 AR Queen Cherize Vanar disappears on the Lost Day. King Malagant the Grim dies soon after.
304 AR Construction of Stasikov Palace is completed.
305 AR Khadoran forces and their barbarian allies are destroyed during the Siege of Midfast. Ascension of Asc. Markus after he is killed during the Siege.
313 AR Border Wars offi cially end. Ord cedes Port Vladovar to Khador. Khador cedes Laedry to Llael. Cygnar and Llael offi cially become allies.
326 AR Fortress of Northguard complete.
350 AR First recorded sighting of Deathjack.
356 AR Father Ghil Lucant, a priest of Cyriss, discovers a planet which is named after him.
390 AR The dragon Everblight destroys Issyrah and is slain by an elven army. Everblight’s athanc is said to be buried at the Top of the World. Ethrunbal Rises
393 AR Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly is founded.
464 AR Khador invades Ord after long disputes over piracy.
468 AR Peace declared between Khador and Ord after Cygnar intercedes.
475 AR Visgoth Sulon declares himself Hierarch and organizes a pilgrimage; thousands of Menites journey to Caspia.
478 AR Construction is completed on the Korsk- Skirov Rail Line.
482 AR Cygnaran Civil War begins in Caspia between Menites and Morrowans.
483 AR Coin War begins between Khador and Llael.
484 AR The Cygnaran Civil War ends with the death of Hierarch Sulon. Protectorate of Menoth is established. Sul is officially founded. Coin War also ends.
504 AR Idrian tribes submit to Protectorate rule. Protectorate and Llael begin fighting over mineral rich lands in the northern Marches; Llael concedes after minor skirmishes.
510 AR Khadoran King Ruslan Vygor attacks Cygnar starting the Thornwood War. Personal Initiative
511 AR Thornwood War ends after the Battle of the Tongue in which an outnumbered Cygnaran force defeats the Khadoran army. King Ruslan Vygor is killed in battle.
546 AR Serfdom is abolished in Khador.
551 AR Kayaz Simonyev Blaustavya founds Blaustavya Shipping & Rail.
566 AR Deathjack is spotted at Porsk and Skirov.
570 AR Makeda begins her rise to power within the Skorne houses Instruments of War
576 AR King Vinter Raelthorne III dies. Vinter Raelthorne IV crowned king of Cygnar. Raelthorne IV begins purging political enemies.
579 AR King Vinter Raelthorne IV creates the Inquisition.
580 AR Young Orsus Zoktavir’s family is slaughtered in a Tharn raid The Butcher of Khardov
581 AR Ios abruptly closes its borders to outsiders.
582 AR Arius becomes the Primarch of the Church of Morrow. Vahn Oberen takes control of the Inquisition. Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo invents the storm glaive.
583 AR King Vinter Raelthorne IV passes the “Edicts Against Unlawful Sorcery and Witchcraft” outlawing sorcery. 584 AR Scharde Invasions begin. The first sorcerers are put on public trial in Corvis; two men and five women are hanged in Widower’s Wood; over 250 people are executed for “unlawful sorcery” throughout Cygnar and Llael.
587 AR Ayn Vanar XI is crowned queen of Khador. Orsus Zoktavir commits the Boarsgate Massacre.
588 AR Scharde invasions end. Garrik Voyle becomes Hierarch of the Protectorate of Menoth. Forces of Distinction VII
591 AR - Better Left Forgotten No Quarter #03 or No Quarter Collection #1
591 AR Young Allistar Caine is recruited into the Sons of the Tempest by Asheth Magnus The Way of Caine
593 AR Infamous Corvis Coven Witchcraft Trial commences in Corvis in which five women are beheaded. A Moment of Silence
594 AR Leto Raelthorne succeeds in a coup against King Raelthorne IV. Leto is crowned king of Cygnar.
595 AR Llaelese King Rynnard di la Martyn dies without an heir, beginning long debates. Prime Minister Lord Deyar Glabryn IX is appointed by the Council of Nobles to govern Llael.
595 AR - Stone & Blood
598 AR - The Last Hunt IK Excursions Se1 Vo2
596 AR D.H. Wexborne, captain of the Mercarian ship Seacutter, is the first Immorese sailor to return from Zu.
601 AR Deathjack wipes out the Red Fist mercenary company along the Cygnaran-Khador border.
601 AR The mysterious weapon known as the Witchfire wrecks havoc on Corvis The Witchfire Trilogy
601 AR Captain Shae stages a mutiny, leading to the creation of the Talion Charter The Shae Mutiny No Quarter #11 or No Quarter Collection #1
601-603 AR Warmachine Prime: Remix; the Warmachine narrative beings
602 AR The Protectorate of Menoth builds secret factories to produce warjacks. Deathjack assaults the main gates of Fort Faulk.
602 AR - Step Outside IK Excursions Se1 Vo4
603 AR Vinter Raelthorne IV invades Corvis with Skorne allies. The Harbinger of Menoth is discovered and brought to Imer to meet Hierarch Garrik Voyle. The Witchfire Trilogy, Warmachine Prime, Pieces on a Map
604 AR Khador launches a full-scale invasion of Llael. Cygnar declares war on Khador in response.
604 AR - Conversion No Quarter #48
605 AR Narn of Ios hunts a dangerous human mage in the mountains of Khador. Judgement Called to Battle: Vol 1
605 AR Khador defeats the Llaelese army and pushes Cygnar out of Llael after the fall of Merywyn. Riversmet is burned to the ground. The Order of the Golden Crucible surrenders Leryn to Khadoran forces without a fight. The Golden Crucible agrees to produce blasting powder exclusively for the Khadoran military. The Harbinger of Menoth calls upon all Menites to relocate to the Protectorate. Hierarch Garrik Voyle calls a Crusade to reclaim western Immoren. The Protectorate attempts to raze the walls of Caspia. Cygnar counter attacks Sul. Protectorate forces led by Feora, Priestess of the Flame, burn the Llaelese village of Myrr to the ground. Cryxian raiders strike deep into Cygnar, poisoning crops and burning grain silos as far as Bainsmarket.
606 AR Battle of the Temple of Garrodh. Cygnaran forces breach the walls of Sul. First Battle for Northguard ends in Khadoran defeat. Sul-Menite Northern Crusade launched and marches into Occupied Llael. Queen Ayn Vanar declares herself empress of the new Khadoran Empire.
607 AR Cygnaran siege of Sul broken. Sul-Menites counter with an assault on Caspia, resulting in the near-capture of the Cygnaran capital before the death of Hierarch Garrick Voyle. Severius named new hierarch of the Protectorate of Menoth. Khadoran forces lay siege to Northguard once more and in the Second Battle for Northguard emerge triumphant. Broken Cygnaran forces retreat south to Point Bourne, Corvis, and Stonebridge Castle, ceding the Thornwood to the Khadoran Empire. Cygnaran city of Fellig cut off in the retreat, leaving it isolated. Ordic military peacefully occupies Fellig to prevent its capture by Khador.
608 AR The new year brings a tense cease-fire along the Dragon’s Tongue River between Khador and Cygnar, while a similar cessation of hostilities holds between the garrisons of Caspia and Sul. Increased fortifications are erected along borderlands between Khador, Cygnar, and Ord. War Torn Alliances
608 AR-611 AR The bulk of the Mk2 Warmachine/Hordes narrative takes place. I will be expanding on this section over time Scars of Caen
611 AR Sightings of Grymkin, creatures thought to exist only in childrens fables and myth, begin to increase across the Iron Kingdoms Crossroads of Courage
612 AR The Nonokrien Order of Infernals execute a massive invasion of Western Immoren. Decades of work by thousands of secretive cultists leave the Iron Kindgoms reeling as horrors from beyond Urcean assault nearly every major city simultaneously. Oblivion & The Henge Hold Scroll