Wood and Stone Bridge

The bridge measures 8″ x 14″. It’s made of pink insulation foam and is held together by modeling glue and toothpicks. I have been working up a number of terrain features using these materials, but this bridge has to be one of the best sculptures.




Insulation foam is so versatile. Can’t wait to see everything else you make and post here!

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That looks great! You really made the foam look convincingly like old wood. What sort of texturing tool / wash / drybrush did you use?

Also, do you have any problems with models being able to stand on the sloped parts? Or is the slope gentle enough that they don’t fall or slide? That’s always the thing that worries me about creating sloped terrain features.

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The slop is a bit steep but most models stay up right.

I used a bread knife to cut the foam and score the wood grain.

I painted the whole thing in leftover water based house paint, including the dry brushing