Winter Korps Infantry

I need some insight from more experienced Winter Korps players, I have a few months worth of games under my belt now and I want to expand a bit on my strategies. I want to make list using Savaryn and as many troops as possible and actually use Winter Korps Infantry somewhat effectively. Has anyone had any luck actually using them and if so, what weapon teams did you use? I like the autocannons because they can help make up for their poor RAT but I don’t know if running one Rocket or Cannon and a grenade porter is the way to go to help buff all your guys or just to double up on the anti armor weapons. Also any tips on deployment would be appreciated. They seem like they can do work if you work around them, but they could also just be a speed bump to a more aggressive list like Orgoth before you slap back with your heavies. I’m honestly just kind of lost as to what their role actually is.