Who is the best warcaster in Winter Korp and why?

I’m very torn on this. They are all so shiny and new - which is best?

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Best in terms of looks, play style or easiest to win with? Best overall?

So far I have had some success with Ekaterina, I really want to like Borisyuk, but he still eludes me and I only know very decisive defeat. Not tried nu-Irusk yet, but he looks promising.

I think my issue with Borisyuk is that he wants to run lots of warjacks, but that hasn’t really been possible yet for me. I do find it annoying that his feat can only affect a cohort model once, yet someone like Anson Wolfe has a near identical feat but can get a lot more use out of it as it doesn’t have the “only once” limitation.

I think its ekaterina if you are going more of a jack brick and Savaryn obviously if you are going infantry. Kat’s feat is just so oppressive that you can really get away with the jacks being slower and her field marshal arc node lets you either tempest or freezing grip wherever you want on the board. Savaryn is really nice because of escort, the ability to make a unit shield guards, his portable rock wall! and kill order making all of your infantry hit that much better and harder.

All 3 I guess.

I love shooting things with Boris. Very satisfying. But a good Ekat feat is very exciting. Looking forward to the last one. Very exciting times ahead.

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I would have to go with Savaryn. While he lacks the jack-boosting power of Baranova or Borisyuk, his infantry buffs are ridiculous. MOW Suppressors become rolling infantry mulchers, and Bisons get to speed around mid-field at RNG 14 RAT 8 POW 21 against Kill Order targets.

Ekaterina, based off her ability to control stuff. I’d rate Savaryn higher when it comes to raw power though, he really tunes up our infantry (mainly the Volume Fire variety) to 11.

Question on those of you whom love Savaryn. What are you doing to help keep him alive after marking a target 10 inches away? My opponents are not normally giving me a target that close without a counter attack that takes more than they gave me.

He has repo3, and is 15/18. So ends his turn 13” away from what he kill orders. It’s obviously better if he’s killed everything within 13” but he can camp a couple and have a shield guard and a wall maybe and be ‘hard to remove’

What are you finding kills him?

Getting a Rock Wall up, using the Hit& Run card (or just casting Tides of War) for reposition 3” and having a Dire Wolf with a Plow-Shield in b2b helps alot with survivability. I usually camp a couple of focus as well for saftey.

If the assassination threat is big, blocking LoS to him with other models is probably a good idea.

A wall of Suppressors. He marks a target, repos, then they can move up and screen while they light up the marked target.