When you roll D3 initial attacks

If I have a Cyclone. With two Metal Storm guns, each is D3 attacks. I have 3 focus I want to try to spend on boosting damage on a hard target, so I don’t want to boost attack rolls. Let’s consider three scenarios:

  1. I declare I am making ranged attacks and roll 2D3. I roll a 1 and a 3 for a total of 4 attacks. I do not boost the first attack roll because even if it misses I have three more, plenty to use all my focus.

  2. I declare I am making ranged attacks and roll 2D3. I roll a 1 and a 1 for a total of 2 attacks. I DO boost the first attack roll because i don’t have enough attacks to be worth saving my focus for boosting damage.

  3. I declare I am attacking with the LEFT Metal Storm, because I am rolling for each gun before firing that specific gun (as the example could be interpreted to mean). I roll one D3, rolling a 1. Now I don’t know whether it’s better to boost the attack roll or not, because I don’t know how many more attacks I’m going to get.

So it makes a difference if I roll ALL ROF values at the same time before making ANY attacks, compared to rolling EACH weapon’s ROF just before attacking with that specific weapon (but potentially after attacking with other weapons).

Another example where knowing the amount of shots you get could affect focus allocation might be deciding whether to spend focus on melee attacks before getting to ranged attacks, which might be able to target more models if you kill all engaging models with the melee attacks.

The example is ambiguous about whether to roll before each weapon, or at the start of the combat action even if there are multiple weapons.

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Roll at the beginning of your combat action


Backing Chuck up on this one. Roll all ROFs at the beginning of your combat action before declaring attacks.


Okay i assume this is blatantly wrong but you COULD read Loren’s reply there as being “you roll the d3 before you decide if you even want to shoot the guns or not”… I assume this is blatantly wrong and I’m smoking crack here…

But grammatically that checks out i think?

At the risk of butting in, but feeling pretty confident in the answer nonetheless and trying to save Chuck and Loren some work:

If you choose an option that allows you to make initial ranged attacks, then you should roll the ROF. Nothing in the rules say that you must make all of your initial attacks.

If you pick an option that does not allow those initial attacks – such as a power attack – then you don’t get to roll ROF.*

…so basically exactly what I said in the very first reply to this thread. :laughing:

* So don’t try to be clever and attempt “Okay, I’ll roll ROF…oh that was a bad result, nevermind I’m gonna slam you instead” or “I’m gonna do my * Attack, no wait I got all 6’s for ROF, I’m shootin’ now, baby!” because that ain’t cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like i said i assume that reading is for crackheads only, but with loren’s “before declaring attacks” it seems grammatically consistent…

For the record i fully assume the OBVIOUSLY CORRECT answer here is “i shoot with the guns, roll rof, assign targets etc” but i’ve been wrong before.

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You roll ROF when you declare you’re using your combat action to make initial ranged attacks. You can’t roll ROF then change your mind and do a star action or power attack instead.

You can use “At any time” Abilities between rolling random ROF and rolling the attacks.

If you have multiple guns with random ROF, you roll all their ROF before starting any attacks.

Once you know the total attacks, you can make them in any order.