What are the necessary terrain pieces?

Ive been converting some unused space in my basement into a war room.

Now ive got the ability to host up to a 4 player game. That table is a 8 x 4. As we setup the first game however, I realized I was lacking in terrain. I’m working on a list of necessary terrain and wonder what items people really feel they need.

Current Terrain
Green felt forests
Blue felt water/crater
Rocks for Boulders
Linkin Logs for wood piles
Paperboard rounds for smoke/firepit/round things.

Currently building
2 inch walls
1.75 inch walls


My friend terrain is my favorite aspect of the game. I’d suggest looking at the steamroller document for a list of all terrains. If you use felt to begin with that would be swell but I’d ask if you’d consider making more 3d and vibrant tables. That can always engage players more for a different kind of experience

Other pieces of terrain you can make out of felt would be craters, hills, fog banks, quicksand to name a few. But you also have the ability to make your own terrain with custom rules if you see fit. Grab wooden kabobs and glue/ bind them together to make Jack Traps and make your own rules for them (it was on an old no quarter magazine)

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If you have access to a 3d printer I’d also recommend Bulldozer Terrain, they have some great IK-themed stuff.


Those are pretty good for starters. I recommend 3 inch circles for clouds. My first tables were felt cutouts and cardboard boxes for buildings.

I would look at adding a couple of hazards as well. They can do a lot to make the game tactically interesting. The best way I’ve have found to decide on terrain is to come up with a couple of different themes, and then build to achieve those. And urban landscape with buildings, rubble, stuff like that. Outdoor and Forest of course. And a construction or industrial zone, with pipes and fumes and toxic waste.

Depending on how much you like repairing terrain there are plenty of fantasy buildings out there that will work, I just find they are a nightmare to store usually.