Warmachine Spain first open leage

I’m very happy to announce our first open league in Spain. https://warmahordes.longshanks.org/event/8155/

The format is very flexible as I wanted to help new players enjoy the game and play with players of our community wherever they live, so players have the option to play in person or online (thanks to wartable.online).

All rounds are pre-assigned, so players can arrange their games whenever they want during the 3 time the league will last. Sign-up was free and there was no fee, but I wanted to give a gift to the best player and also raffle a surprise between the other players.

League progress will be updated weekly, and I hope to get photos and videos of the games, so I’ll try to also update this post with them, just in case you don’t speak spanish as I’ll write down reports post photos on my blog: Liga abierta de Warmachine España