Where are defences/character jacks in the cue?

Is there also a upcoming report for Unlimited Cards coming up for Legacy models?

Defenses are shipping alongside the Khador Winter Korps expansion, which we’re hoping should be heading out to retailers and distributors within the next couple weeks.

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We’re currently focused on getting through the remaining Legacy armies as quickly as possible and then will start filling in remaining Unlimited model rules.

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What’s the outlook on character jacks?

How often can we expect a Legacy army to be released?

They stated a goal to have them all out by July.

This July? Next July? And when did they state that

This July, they said so on the last Primecast.

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Yep, this July and it was stated on the recent Primecast by Soles I believe.
It’s quite ambitious, but should be doable.

This July for the legacy armies, but end of the year for all legacy models to be in for unlimited.

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