Warmachine community hub migration


Hey all,

We want to let you know as of July 31st, this community hub will be migrating over to the Steamforged Discord.

This hub has been a fantastic space for players to get answers to rules questions, share their own guides, and more. That value is something we don’t want to lose.

However, from experience, spreading community management over too many platforms can cause issues with information and attention in the long run. We can only be in so many places at once, and Discord is a space where the Steamforged team and communities are already active and engaging daily.

Even so, we wouldn’t be migrating this hub to Discord were it not for Discord’s new forum feature.

We know some people have reservations about Discord’s typical format, and those are justified. It’s fast-moving and can be overwhelming, with 500 new notifications every time you log in. But the Discord forums feature changes that.

Using the forums, you can now post threaded topics, easily search content, and filter using tags. We’ve already got sections for rules FAQs, guides, battle reports, and hobby areas, and we’d love to hear your ideas on other spaces we could add.

The guide attached to this post goes into more detail on how to use the forums, including screenshots on how to find content and post your own. For rules questions and gameplay queries, the Infernals will also be right there in the Discord.

Migrating Valuable Content

We don’t want the community to lose access to the resources many of you have spent time and effort creating, or the helpful rules references in many of these forum threads.

Loren and the Infernals are in the process of gathering useful rules queries so we can migrate those over. For community-created resources, we’d encourage creators to migrate their content to the relevant spaces on Discord.

If you need help with this, or if you’re not intending to migrate your content but are okay with us doing it on your behalf, please get in touch with Loren here, or SFG_CF3PO on Discord.


We understand this is a change from the forum you’re used to, and we want your feedback. If something in the new forum space isn’t working the way it should be, or you feel like something’s missing, there’s a dedicated Warmachine channel in Discord where you can let us know.

One of the great things about Discord is a lot of the SFG team are already active in there and regularly answering questions. With the Infernals also joining us over there, we hope you’ll find it a helpful resource.

If you join the Discord, you’ll also have the option to choose which games you want to see, so you can keep your channels as wide or as focused as you like.

You can join the Steamforged Discord here

Discord Guide_Forums.pdf (2.5 MB)