Volume fire and shield guard

I hit a model on large base with weapon which have volume fire. Model with small base use shield guard. Does dmg roll on that model have +2 dmg?

Nah. You got your bonus to attack the big base model, but when you roll damage its against the small based model. So when you roll damage, you dont get the +2 bonus, because you’re rolling damage against the small based model (who is the model git by the attack via shield guard).

Disgruntled Tom is correct.

It works this way due to the Attack Timing chart.

The attack roll against the huge-based model has already occurred by the time you reach Step 6, which is when Shield Guard resolves. So, Volume Fire applies for that portion.

But, by the time you reach the damage roll portion in Step 8, the damage roll happens against a model with a different base size, and you have to evaluate the new conditions for Volume Fire as per the guidelines in Triggers.

Volume Fire is reevaluated after the Shield Guard. You would get the bonus appropriate to the base size of the model you roll the damage roll against.