Void Engine update clarification

Hi I’m noticing that the void engine “void induction” rule was updated. Allowing 2 void engines to produce 6 wights in total was removed and reverted back to original rule. Was this intentional? In a previous thread It was implied that the update to void induction would include wording to differentiate that the soulless model is considered destroyed and not rfp when replaced. Just want to make sure I’m playing correctly.

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Yes. In the latest update Insider they talked about this change.

Oh I must have missed that. Last thing I saw was.l the update on insider end of April.

Ah, I think I see what you were saying now. They changed it to allow six, and the clarification on being destroyed will be coming later. That change has not been implemented yet.

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except that they said in the release notes that they updated the text of it and it doesn’t appear to have been updated

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Yeah, I reread it in the app and it doesn’t appear to have been corrected there yet.

It was updated for like a week and it just reverted back to the original text, which is why I was confused and asked this question.

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It was corrected and now has been returned.

The Sentry Stones had the same change and they have their wording changed in the app.

@PPS_AdamO Can you look into this and run it up the flag pole?

I reached out to feedback line and it’s in the works to be fixed. Just a bug that reverted it back to the original text.

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