Vlad‘s Thornfall Alliance

I do not get much time to paint, but when I do I try doing some kinda-speed painting to get as much as possible done on a tight schedule, with OK-ish quality.

I‘ve been painting the past two months, and wanted to make this thread to keep the photos as I try to finish it the army.

First, some units of Slaughterhousers and Brigands recently completed.


Road Hog, War Hog, Gun Boars, Battle Boars, and Rorsh & Brine


The warlocks. Not so happy with how I did the standard Arkadius, but quite happy with the Mini Crate version.


Some more solos, with Maximus, Gobbers, Alten and a Targ. Quite happy with how they turned out.


Looking good! I really feel you on having to get things done. I’m trying to do that with my Trollbloods which have been unfinished for years.

These look really great, love the consistent theme throughout, nice job

The green is very eye-catching! Never seen green Farrow before. (It does make sense in that they’re sort of the ork-equivalents of the Iron Kingdoms) I really like how you continued the green theme onto models where it wouldn’t make sense as skin tone, like on Dr. Arkadius’s clothes.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments! Slowly progressing with some lesser warbeasts.