Victory points vs Pulse Rounds

I was wondering what the community thought of switching the winning condition from the end of 3rd Pulse round to reaching a score limit. Let me know what you think of my idea, not that this is directed toward Skirmish and might need adjustment for Primary. Note that this could extend the time of the game slightly, but will add additional depth if that interest you.

The Score limit of each game is 60 Victory Points (VP), which can be tracked with 10 D6 dice.

Each object starts at 5VP and increases +1 per Pulse Round. So Pulse Round 2 each objective is worth 6VP, 3rd is 7VP.

Destroying enemy units give VP equal to their DC of the unit, heroes, and attachments increase the VP +1.

Added to this players can use Moral and Propaganda missions either randomly or by choice. Moral missions are conditions that give additional VP, and Propaganda missions reduce VP. Players can decide to share the same Moral and Propaganda mission or have different missions for variety.

Moral missions options:

  • Giant Killer: 1 VP for destroying a Light Jack, 2VP for destroying a Heavy Jack
  • Hitman: 1 VP when a solo destroys a warrior unit, 2 VP if the unit is a hero
  • Legend Status: 1 VP when a hero destroys a unit
  • Brutal: 1VP when a unit is destroyed with a melee attack
  • Invaders: Capturing objectives on the opposing player's side is worth an additional VP
  • Attrition: 2 VP is the is your have more models on the battlefield at the end of the Pulse round
  • Witch Hunter: 1 VP for destroying a weaver unit (has an Arc Relay)
  • Battlecaster: 1VP when a unit is destroyed by a Fury
  • Squad Tactics: 1 VP if a squad destroys a unit will have all models on the field, excluding attachments
  • Defender: 1 VP for destroying a unit that is contesting an objective

Propaganda missions options:
Note: Destroyed heroes that are vehicles or Warjacks reduce VP an additional 1 point

  • Scrapped: -1 VP for a destroyed Light Jack, - 2 VP for a destroyed Heavy Jack
  • Assassinated: -1 VP when a solo is destroyed, -3 VP when a hero is destroyed
  • Devil in Disguise: -1 VP when a hero destroys a model
  • Tortured: - 1 VP when a unit is destroyed under or by a condition or collateral damage
  • Broken line: -3 VP when an objective on your side of the battlefield is captured
  • Intimadated: - 3 VP if your opponent on field DC is higher than yours
  • Supersitious: -1 VP if a unit is destroyed by a Fury
  • Obliterated: -1 VP when a Vehicle, Light Jack, or Heavy Jack destroys one of your units
  • Conquer: - 2 VP when all your units contesting an objective are destroyed, and the objective is captured by the same unit that destroyed them in the same turn.
  • Slaugher: - 4 VP at the end of the pulse round if you lose 8 DC of units at the end of the round

Thoughts behind:

The idea I was going for was to give some benefits from targeting some units without reducing the importance of capturing objectives and to give a counterbalance with propaganda missions. Moral and Propaganda could also shift decisions on where and when to place units. Doing the math on a calculator, I don’t think this will greatly increase the game time, and games might be 3 Pulse rounds if not a bit over. And I have only simulated these 2 twice with self-play, but the results were interesting. Thoughts?

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I love the thinking with this! It feels like it could overlay with most of the existing scenarios pretty seamlessly.

Would players only have a single Moral/Propaganda option for each game? Perhaps you get a number of options based on the game scale (Brawl = 0, Skirmish = 1, Mid = 2, Primary = 3).