Veil of Mists 3 inch AOE or 4 inch AOE?

Question - the card just says place AOE, prior edition it specified 4 inch aoe. Has this changed to 3 jnch aoe now in the new edition for all cloud placements or just missing the aoe size on new card? Pictires if section from The Wanderer for examples added both mk3 and mk4.


Cloud effect templates are a specific size in the new edition, 3" circle iirc


Ya thats what I was afraid of…nerfs that spell for him and I used it a lot… shame

Fwiw, I’d say there’s enough nuance here worth exploring, what with the changes to unit movement and all that

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How big of a nerf is that? I’ve never played it or against it.

It was a 4 inch aoe that blovked line of sight. Uou cannnot hide much behind a 3 inch aoe lol

Well I was thinking more about the secondary part with Pathfinder and all that.

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You can use it just like before to extend terrain to block LOS - that hasn’t been a huge nerf.

Where the spell actually gained a lot is with MK4 unit movement and the lack of free strikes being able to move through enemy models is a lot better than it used to be.

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I’d add that across the board models got weaker in direct comparison to mk3. Just minor reductions everywhere.

When comparing, I’d say anything that is exactly the same got a buff compared to the rest of the game.

So i wouldn’t worry too much about a number going down slightly

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