UNLIMITED: Fueling HR or testament with barrels

Interesing interaction my friend used against me the other day. He used a powder keg, and ran 3 choir in front of it. The judy then ran and blew it up, killing the choir, with the souls going to a reclaimer gatekeeper. The gatekeeper then transferred these souls to HR so next turn he had 3 extra focus.

We had a look at the soul collector rule and it doesn’t specify enemy attacks so the way we read it this seemed to work. can someone confirm we read this right?

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Let’s tackle this. :slight_smile:

Here are the rules for the Powder Keg. It’s a screenshot because that’s way too much text to transcribe! :slight_smile:

So, from your example, it sounds like the Judicator ran and contacted the Powder Keg, which caused it to explode, per the “Exploding!” rule.

There were some Choir of Menoth models within 2" of the Powder Keg, and they were destroyed as a result of the Powder Keg’s POW 15 damage roll.

Here are the Soul Taker rules from the Reclaimer Gatekeeper:


The Reclaimer Gatekeeper can gain soul tokens from friendly living models destroyed nearby. Because the Soul Taker: Requiem rule does not have any special requirements such as “destroyed by an enemy attack” or anything of that nature, it gets the souls as long as the models are destroyed, period. (So, if for some reason a model was removed from play at the boxed step, it would not get the souls. It has to progress to “destroyed.”)

Soul Transfer allows the Gatekeeper to transfer souls to friendly Faction models with Soul Taker, and the High Reclaimer certainly qualifies.

So: yes, what happened was all perfectly in keeping with the rules. :slight_smile:


Great Thanks! I thought we did interpret the way it was written correctly.

Now thinking more philosophically, MK4 seemed to remove the ability to blow up your own dudes to fuel your engines. This feels counterintuitive to this vibe and wondering if it was an oversight in this case.

When looked at as a whole, it’s very different from previous editions. Back then, you could afford to sacrifice a dozen cheap throwaway trash models to help you fuel a bonkers feat turn.

Now, those three Choir are, like, a third of all your units, and you’re wasting one of your precious few Defenses and a colossal activation to do it, all for a pretty measly three focus. :slight_smile:

It’s nowhere near the same level as “Okay, Asphyxious auto-kills those two disposable units of Steelhead Halberdiers, now he’s ARM 45 and next turn with those 20 extra souls he can cast 14 fully-boosted POW 14 spells at your caster.” :slight_smile:

Michael seems to have it. RAW you played it correctly.