Tried the Cutthroat scenario and we have some questions

Hey guys!

Tonight we tried the Cutthroat scenario from the app to be able to play 3 players and whilst we did laugh a lot mostly we laughed at how we didn’t know how anything worked and we couldn’t look it up either. So some questions.

  1. Who starts the game? Is it a roll-off like regular games? Then clockwise? Or do we roll off every turn?

  2. How big are the deployment zones?

  3. Who deploys first?

  4. Where does one deploy?

  5. What does D2 mean in “invader d2”?

  6. When returning models using the war chest, can they activate the same turn?

  7. When does one secure objectives and treasure chests, is it end of turn? Start of turn?

  8. A warcaster who dies but is brought back by using the war chest, are their warjacks still inert?

  9. A warcaster who dies and is brought back, can they feat again?

  10. When can one use the war chest to boost? And how does it work?

I think we can start with those. More might come depending on the answers.

Oh boy, you picked a complicated one. :sweat_smile:

Here goes!

Given that it doesn’t seem to specify, it looks like you roll off to see who goes first.

It doesn’t say that turn order ever changes, so it will remain the same as in any other game and remain static for the rest of the game after turn order is decided.

That’s a difficult one. Looks like the map was already packed with icons, so you have to do some math to figure it out.

The Defender’s DZ is in the center of the table. Given that it’s a square and it’s centered 17" up and 17" over, that means it’s 14" square. (17+17 =34; 48-34 = 14)

The Invader and Plunderer get 6" x 6" zones. (One of them is labeled.)

Looks like that’s based on the turn order roll. First player deploys first, then second player, then third player, then first player’s AD, second player’s AD, and third player’s AD.

The Defender deploys in the blue rectangle in the center. The Invader deploys in the top left zone marked “Invader D2”, and the Plunderer deploys in the bottom-left zone labeled “Plunderer D2”.

It looks like that’s a typo and that it’s supposed to read “DZ” and not “D2.” Given how packed this map is, it’s likely there was no room to write “Deployment Zone.” :slight_smile:

Looks like it. Everything is returned during the maintenance phase, so I see no reason why they could not activate same turn. (Plus it would make the game drag on for a while if you had to spawn and then wait a whole round just to get something moving.)

Part of the answer can be found under “Contested/Uncontested.” That section says “when scoring would take place.” The scenario doesn’t specify when that happens, though. I think it makes sense to check at the end of each player’s turn. That provides a lot more urgency to keep models nearby to contest. :slight_smile:

Nothing says otherwise, so: it looks like it. :slight_smile: Better not let your caster die!

Nope. Once per game means “once per game.” :slight_smile:

This would fall under the timing chart (see Appendix 1: Timing), so same as always. You choose whether to boost attack rolls at step 5a and choose whether to boost damage rolls at Step 8a.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! Then we played it as you said.

Warlocks come back without fury and can’t reave either right because all the beasts are wild and the fury is gone? So Warlocks need to cut for fury, right?
Warcasters come back and can top up on focus as it’s still maintenance phase?

We did it right with deployment as well! However, my army wasn’t even close to fitting in the small 6x6 rectangle. How does that work?

Also, it says you can dominate an area by having more models than your opponent in it. Exactly how big is an area? They aren’t marked out on the map.

Also, the defender is meant to remove the opponents rally point. Before the opponent can even get to the rally points they can trivially remove at least 2 rally points. That didn’t seem right. Could you elaborate on how that’s meant to work? We added a house rule that removing a rally point or securing a cargo was an action so could be done after running, but even so rally points were very easily removed.

Thanks for the answers! They help!

Looks like nobody else dropped in, so I’ll give it another shot. :slight_smile:

(Also, apparently I forgot to actually hit the “post” button yesterday. Whoops!)

That’s right, as far as I can tell. :slight_smile: In terms of tactics, I guess I’d advise warlocks not to get killed, and if they do, to go grab their warbeasts again ASAP. :slight_smile:

Given that this is a “for fun” scenario, my advice is “Do your best.” I agree that 6" x 6" is pretty small, so just try to fit deploy as close to the DZ as you can.

It’s probably based on the actual scenario pieces themselves. In this case, I’m inclined to say that it’s within 1” of the objective markers, based on the rules for “Securing.”

It might make sense to start allowing that at the end of the last player’s second turn instead. I agree tha they have a lot of ground to cover. Just guessing, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy to help!

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Sorry for the super thread necro here but I have a cutthroat game coming up in a few weeks and have basically the same questions :grin:

@elswickchuck or @pps_Loren could you please double-check the above rulings to see if they’re correct? Thanks so much in advance.