Tournament Software for MonPoc?


What sort of tournament software supports the Monsterpocalypse Crush Hour format? I am always concerned that I’ll make a mistake when deciding a pair-down situation or determining SOS or whatnot. I figured a technological solution might be in order.


This is a good question. I just end up using my laptop or paper and pen. I believe the use an online tournament bracket for the Discord events.

If any of those folks drop into this thread, I would love to know the name of that software. :slight_smile:

This is it

Hmm. That appears to be simply a bracket generator, correct?

I really was hoping for something similar to the old Warmachine tournament software, wherein you input the game results and it figures out the proper pairings.

The online tournaments have been double elimination the last several times, so they’ve just used the bracket generator. Prior to that it was just an Excel sheet. I don’t believe something fancier than that exists for MonPoc.

I actually like double elimination. I mean—it sucks for big, expensive, events where you may only get to play two games, but there’s a certain elegance to it. Not to mention the ‘comeback factor.’