Toss Yer Cabers 2024 After Action Report

Toss Yer Cabers is finally finished! It was a huge success, helping to pull in over $12000 for charity alongside 40k, epic 40k, AoS and MCP events!

10 warcasters threw down but 1st place and Best Warcaster was taken by Yuval Alter with his Marcher Worlds, tied for second was Charlie playing ISA and Anderson Borba playing AC. Favourite army by popular vote among the entrants was Jack Anderson with his AC (that’s me!), tied for second were Bernie Anderson’s synthwave MW and Ayo Supangco’s gorgeous Empyreans. Best sportsperson was Kenneth Azad, who came in from Gabriola island off the coast, and had only played one game before, and even assembled his models way into the wee hours of the morning before the tournament, a true trouper and a delight to play against.

This was the largest Warcaster event in the world so far, and we’re hoping to get bigger and better for next year! Here’s hoping there’s a bright future in store for Warcaster, see you then!


Unrelated to anything, but:

I have made a template exactly that same size and shape before. I did a double-take as I scanned the photos.


vaguely banana shaped rough terrain templates are the way

Your tables are just gorgeous

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