Throws, incorporeal, least disturbance, and colatteral damage

A model is thrown. The landing spot is on an incorporeal model. The incorporeal model is the only model in the landing spot.
First clarification: Because it’s incorporeal you need change the thrown models landing spot to a different position that does not overlap the incorporeal model following the least disturbance rules correct?

If that is correct then:
This new spot does have non incorporeal models under it. Do these new models that are now under the thrown jack take the collateral damage rolls/get knocked down even though they were not originally under the thrown models landing spot?

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Here’s the Rule of Least Disturbance:

As you can see, assuming the thrown model is larger than the model in the landing spot, the thrown model stays where it landed; other models are moved as a result of Least Disturbance.

Here’s the part of Incorporeal that I suspect you’re having issues with:

Obviously, yes, we can get an Infernal in here to provide a final ruling, but this has (unless I am severely misremembering something) traditionally been interpreted as “It’s not moved when it is targeted and hit by a push/slam/throw.”

I think the important distinction is that the Incorporeal model is being moved by the Rule of Least Disturbance, not by a push, slam, or throw directly.

…and, @elswickchuck , what say you?

Least Disturbance is an odd one because it does not Push, Slam, or Throw, or even place, but rather it is a Reposition. And, as an Incorporeal model is capable of moving it would be adjusted.

Sounds correct to me. Again falls under it isn’t so much “moving/advancing” but having to physically move the model to allow for another model’s (the thrown/slammed etc.) placement