Thought Exercise: Best Destroyers Unit Box?

Hi everyone!

I was thinking about this earlier but I never came to a conclusion. I play against Destroyers all the time, but I never play as them. (Unless you count how I frequently I walk my less-experienced opponents through their turn to teach them how to utterly and ruthlessly dismantle my army. :stuck_out_tongue: )

So, getting to the point: if you were going to recommend one single Destroyers unit blister to a newer player, what would it be, and why?

The only restriction is that the unit box has to be something actually available at retail. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d love to hear some thoughts!

The Chomper/Destructomite/Explodohawk pack is almost certainly the best one to get. Unlike the typical 2 unit packs, you get 3, and none of them are likely to generate buyer’s remorse once you get the hang of the game. The Destructomite is a great, fast support piece that makes brawling a bit easier with Flank. It also has a decent attack of it’s own. The Chomper is a very utilitarian unit that is just as comfortable holding power zones as it is generating tons of power with its Power Gorge brawl attacks with 2 native boost dice! The Explodohawk is often considered a must-have at higher ends of play. It is extremely mobile, and it has one of the best single attacks in the game at 6 action dice and 3 boost dice along with the exceptional Chain Reaction special rule that allows it to really tear through clumped up units.

The Destructomite’s Flank can significantly help the Explodohawk against high-Defense units, especially if you can’t spare all six Action Dice.
I’m a fan of the Saucer/Power Pod/Hunter set, as well. The Hunter doesn’t have the Explodohawk’s ability to wipe out a cluster of units, but it can remove a key piece from a distance. The Power Pods can help keep the dice coming even if your opponent trashes your power base, and the Saucers get the Pods into position. Abduct[2], while limited, shouldn’t be overlooked. There’s always value in being able to remove enemy units without having to roll.

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Ya, Abduct is great. Even at just the 2 rating, it can remove a Humusoid from play to prevent Invasive Species from triggering.

Those were actually the same two blisters I thought of as well. :grinning:

I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask just in case somebody was going to surprise me with Mollock Mortars or something. :grinning:

In the Buyers’ Guide, the four unit packs I recommend new Destroyer players pick up are the Chomper/Hawk/Mite pack, Jurors/Abrogators, Razor Beetles/Cliff Hopper, and Skull Bats/Skull Keeper. The four of them together give you a pretty balanced list, but each one on their own is worth the purchase IMO

Huh. I 100% would not have guessed the Jurors/Abrogators pack. That’s a big pile of very costly (in terms of action dice) specialist units!

I sometimes try to take two Temple Giants in a list and I always feel like spawning one of those puts me behind, and spawning the second one is really going to either win me the game or cost me the game. I can’t imagine having 3 COST 3 units in a list!

(Obviously the Masters monsters have ways to get them out for cheaper, but Protectors don’t really have those options. Does that recommendation assume the use of Extrude/Transmute/whatever? )

I don’t think you run all 3 Jurors outside of a Magistrate list, but 2 is pretty common. The thing to be aware of is that Quorum makes it much easier to secure a faction base during the spawn phase to immediately benefit from its discount, which offsets the sticker shock of the 3 cost. It’s even easier if you add a Lake Serpent to your list for Aggressive.

Aggressive is the whole reason I bought the Humusoid pack, heh.

Two Temple Giants still always leave me with an uncomfortable “all eggs in one basket” feeling when I run them, though.