The best way to play!

I just wanted to explain how we play around here (At home with wife and son) We have pretty much one of each character, so not everyone can take “the best” characters.
We play using a draft system, and using adventure mode, where each player has one of each character type. So everyone has 6 characters and 6 items.
Take all the cards for all the models and divide them into their types (this was easy when there weren’t any double types)
Then the first player takes one pack of cards, chooses one character and passes the remaining cards to the next player until everyone has a character of that type.
Then the next player picks another deck, picks a character and passes on the cards.
We use the same system for items.

How does everyone else play ?


This is exactly how we’ve played, too, since I’m the only one who owns the game and I have only one of each model, except for the ones with a Minicrate alt sculpt.

We’ve also tried randomly drawing one character from each class, but that has sometimes resulted in pretty skewed parties with e.g. all 4/8 characters in one player’s team.

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I like doing the random draw of heroes and gear.

Adds to the lovable mayhem.

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Ah yes, I’ve got pretty much one of each character too, but there’s a few that are easy to duplicate…for instance, lil’ Fenris (or the Gremlin beach party) could represent the four horseymen;
Butcher Claus makes an alt Butcher unchained;
Eiryss, well there are so many eiryss models…
Minicrate and convention exclusives are great sources of alternative models. they could be a great source of “new” characters too.

Drafting is the order of the day. It’s why I bought the entire first season. The exception is for boss fighting: I’ll make little teams for my friends.

I think, can’t quite remember, that when drafting I did it as Player 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1, etc., til full to keep things a bit more fair. Oh, and Adventuring party (one of each class).