Structures and charge attacks

So with the rules you cannot charge structures. For structures that are models (menoth shrine, trnegher blockhouse etc) if I charge a separate model with one member of a unit and end up in melee with the structure model, can I then make charge attacks against the structure model with the other members of the unit?

Good question. I can’t find anything that’s says you can’t. I think this would also apply to polarity field

Based on the logic in the Skorne Immortals + CA / Polarity Field discussion, you are correct.

Structures “cannot be charged”, which was clarified to mean “targeted with a charge”, which means “can’t be the thing you target and have to move toward when you declare a charge.”

If your unit charges a nearby model, and the structure is in the charging model’s melee range after the charge movement, and other models in the unit are placed so the structure is in their melee ranges, then yes, you can make a charge attack against it. :slight_smile:


You sure can. You arent declaring a charge against the structure.

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