Straightening Bent 3D Print Resin - Hot Water

My first Stryker’s voltaic javelin came out of the package perfectly strait. The second one’s was a bit bent…

I wasn’t sure how to go about straightening it, because I’ve found the hot water method doesn’t usually work well on 3D prints. Well I’m happy to report that it actually works better on the PP resin than anything I’ve seen. A couple seconds in hot water and the polymer’s memory automatically straightened it into the original shape, pictured. It was the darndest thing to watch. A quick dunk in ice water and was good to go.


Very nice! I had the same issue with one of those spears – but a 5 degree bend and not a 35 degree bend! – and used a hair dryer to the same effect.

Thanks for sharing the before-and-after photos!

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