Stormforge and anihilators battlegroup question

So the two first MKIV cadres had no battlegroup model, by my knowledge they didnt have one since the idea of a cadre unique battlegroup model came during the design of the cursebound and was a little too late do add them to the first, so will they get one?

I haven’t heard anything from PP about it. I’d guess no just because it kinda ruins the whole idea of the cadre being in a single box but who knows.

Ok, i swear i heard they saying otherwise somewhere, most likely i’m going mad, missremembering things, or missinterpreting things, but if they don’t get will make them kind of sad since khador/cygnar will have less battlegroup options, but who knows it may be a “apotheosis leader” situation where a battlegroup modek is not a garantee, however a case by case

There’s probably going to be a second set of cadres so they do not invalidate the existing products. I thought we got the information about Cryx getting two cadres, which makes it seem like there will be parity with the older factions.

The new Cryx “starter box” is a cadre. That was in…the latest Primecast or Primecast+, I think?

We know there s a second cadre for khador, horselords, so is expected that there will be more for other factions

The "command starter, didn’t know it was cadre, but i fell off normal primecasts so might have been said there

I really feel like I heard that somewhere officially recently! :slight_smile: It very well could also have been one of the Cryx spoilers that popped up this weekend, or one of the teaser Facebook comments by Privateer when they unveiled the artwork. Somewhere!

Must have been on the primecast, it makes sense since it is a unique jack that does not share a chassis with the Malefactor, but im finding it weird since the (urgh…) Plugger seems o be just a modified valiant and would somewhat clash with storm legion.
But cryx is(was) really shit at standardization so it may explain hades being substantially different then the maleactor

Didn’t hear anything about that. It has a similar config as the latest cadres in the way that the warjack has a fixed configuration (no magnets, etc), but that’s the thing they have in common.

For the Command box to be a cadre, it would be a Cryx Command box (not the Necrofactorium Command Box) and we would see which two Armies they work for.

As the Command Box ideas were thrown around the time the last cadres were announced (orgoth, dusk…), maybe there was some mix of info.

There is a reasonable likelihood that at some point, we will circle back to Cygnar and Khador and add another cohort model that compliments those early Cadres. They’re not on our design schedule right now, however, so there’s no predictable timeline on that. And we might eventually determine that we can just move on without them. While it means we don’t have absolute parallel development between the armies, there are at this point an abundance of options for them with more on the way in the future, so filling this hole is not a high priority as it the lack of the cohort model isn’t affecting the wider gameplay environment.

With regards to the Necrofactorium Command Starter, we did go into that thinking it was going to be a Cadre and I may have said as much on a PrimeCast. We have since learned that for game balance and design reasons, it was better to make that Command starter dedicated to the army, only, so it will not be a Cadre. But we’ll see a Cryx Cadre in the future, don’t you fear! Or…maybe you should. Depends on which side of Cryx you’re on. :grin:


(Well, I’m glad I correctly remembered the source for the “Cryx cadre” thing, even if the plan has subsequently changed and it is no longer a cadre. :sweat_smile:)

So treat cadres as case by case not as a fixed configuration, and they may recive a cohort model in the future but nothing setled, but it wont be soon.
Thank you for taking time to respond to my inquiry greatly apreciated

Almost as more modular something is, more complex is to make it work as intended, and the unpredictabiloty of how users work makes any design effort significantly harder…

(Taking Matt’s information into account, especially the “two Cryx cadre” thing: well, now that Cryx doesn’t have two cadres, the foundation for the “everybody else gets two cadres, one of which could function as a starter box like Cryx” speculation falls apart.

So: totally rational speculation, it just happened to be entirely wrong because it was based on outdated information. :grin: Oh well, can’t get 'em all right! :sweat_smile: )

Don’t beat yourself over it, privateer(by what i gathered) is working with a tighter design cycle, so they may have only 4-8 (random number taken out of my head i have no basis to say that) months to design, test and produce something so they are more suceptible to change, it does have advantages, for exemple they can adapt “quickly” to custumer demand, like Cryx necrofactorum that was made because of comunity outcry and they had ideas for it and a break in schedule so they could acellerate their arrival, but information we as a comunity recive may be less accurate

Yes, you pretty much nailed it. Over time, we have found that the more broadly usable a thing is, the more it tends to get watered down as it goes through our play test process. Or, if it doesn’t, it ends up being over powered and an ‘auto-include’ for everyone. We try to avoid both ends of the spectrum: auto-include and not-worth-the-points. So we’re a little more judicious these days about giving to much access to any particular model.


The golden rule is that everything is subject to change until it’s published in the app.


And even then it’s subject to balance updates :grin:

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