Steamroller making a pairing within a Faction or an Army?

How are two factions gaining an advantage by having more models to choose from confusing?

The explanation “You choose a theme force and then make two lists from the same theme force” is closer to the current state. Trouble is, it doesn’t satisfy the returning players who want to know if they will ever be able to mix/match say Storm Legion with First Army as both are Cygnar, which is the question I was asked.

I’m not at all disagreeing that putting the new Khador and Cygnar armies under the umbrella of the Khador or Cygnar Faction respectively doesn’t give them an advantage since it means they gain the flexibility of creating two lists that do/handle different things. The current state of making both lists from a single Army/Theme is really restrictive, especially when we’re trying to convince people to come back and play again.

I’m saying that they either have a huge advantage of having way more models than everyone else, or you have to make them the exception to the “You can make pairs from your whole Faction” rule which is confusing.

The answer to the question “Will I be able to mix Storm Legion with First Army” is no. It is more restrictive, yes, but from everything I’ve seen of the stated goals of Mk4 that is entirely intentional. More restrictions allows for better internal balance, it reduces development load, and it allows both the artists and developers to get more creative with different armies without having to worry about overlap.

I sympathize with veteran players who are unhappy with the way Legacy has changed. For a while I wasn’t sure I was going to keep playing Warmachine because of what happened to Ret both on the table and in the lore. I eventually came around on it because it does seem to be the only way to move the game forward and I’d rather have some version of Warmachine than no version of Warmachine, but not everyone will.

The most I can say if you want to get veterans back in is just play Unlimited, at least to start off. If they like the game and want to start going to Prime events that’s a bridge that can be crossed later, but there’s nothing wrong with playing Unlimited with whatever models they own.


These two are what makes me curious, too. Lore-wise, of course, they’re still the same nations, but clearly both have gone through some radical organizational changes. But, they still have both Legacy and Mk4 Armies under the same Faction.

Trollbloods don’t. The new Brineblood Marauders Army falls under the new Southern Kriels Faction, rather than Trollbloods. That makes me wonder whether it’s the intention to split old and new Khador and Cygnar too, or whether “Faction” doesn’t really mean anything anymore beyond some Merc models not receiving “friendly Faction” buffs.

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This I find fascinating. Geographically, they are somewhat distant from each other. I wonder if this could explain the separation?

Faction is largely a meaningless term in Mk4, it seems to mostly still exist for fluff reasons.

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Ah, but I find the fluff so interesting! I want to know why!


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Oh for sure, I just mean that it doesn’t seem to have any real rules relevance. Maybe it will when Cadres come out.

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I think that’s fair. The organizational part of my brain wouldn’t mind them separating khador and cygnar out in the model rules, kind of like they do at list creation.

Speaking of fluff, kinda psyched for brineblood fluff to arrive at some point. I want to know more about captain boomy and fire quill